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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Love Worth Waiting For
Dedicated to Zachary K. Davis

Submitted by Lonnetta

I met him in college. A nice looking older man, but the only thing I could say is hi. One day, I get a knock on the door, it's him standing there. I invited him in and for first time I could say more than hi. I found out that he had never been married. I asked him why? He said, "If it meant to be you'll find out." We began to date and made plans to one day go to Hawaii. But, then we broke up. His job moved him to another state. Through all of this, I never stopped loving him. I ended up moving to the same state. It's funny how things work out. I get a phone call one day and it's him. He said, "I've been doing some thinking and I have come to a conclusion. Do you remember when you asked me why I had not been married." I said, Yes, I have always wonder why you never answered me!" He say, " We'll the answer is I never found a woman worth waiting for, until I met you!"

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