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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Paradise Eternal
Dedicated to Samantha Evans

Submitted by Nathan

With a step of the imagination one finds the Hawaii of the mind. Warm ocean currents whispering to the sandy beaches. A love affair that has lasted the centuries. Beyond the confines of time, beyond the boundaries of imagination, love has sprung forth from this land of tropical paradise. As the sea turtles by and wonder at the play of porpoises, two lovers walk by wrapped in a timeless love which both embrace. The sweat smell of tropic is a taste for the senses, which acts as a natural aphrodisiac for the want of lovers. This is a place of wonder, of joy, and splendor. The native knows the details of it's beauty, while the tourist sees the grandeur. But both recognize the eternity of Hawaii, whose vision filled the mind of man long before she was created. This is the love affair which lasts forever. This is what gives creation to the timelessness of love, Hawaii.

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