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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Connie Li and Me
Dedicated to Romance on the Internet

Submitted by John

We met on the internet. I picked her out on an Asian Dating website. I am 48 years old and I've never married. She was 31 and dream woman. I e-mailed her somewhat shyly at first... and the first reply I received said something about our age difference being really large... I did not let this discourage me because I felt like Connie Li and me had a destiny. After two months of constant back and forth e-mail, I was shocked when she invited me to visit her in China. I wrote her back and said even though I had hoped she would like me I had not really planned this far in advance. After many hours of doing extra jobs and raising the money for the trip, I at last met Connie Li at a train station in Guanzhou, China. She had a sign with my name on it and so did I... we laughed at the humor of the moment. The week I spent with Connie Li in China was easily the best week of my life. We were very compatible!!! We talked of our former teaching experiences and went for long romantic walks in the beautiful parks of Guanzhou (the flower city) also known by many as Canton. I fell deeply in love with Connie. Now our plan is that she will come to Dallas, Tx where I reside and spend three months on a fiancee visa. I know already that I will ask her to be my wife. If she says "yes", and I pray she will. We want to spend our honeymoon in the wonderful state of Hawaii. I taught school in Hilo, Hawaii about 15 years ago and started my honeymoon fund in a credit union there. Over the years, the many lonely years, I have wondered if God would ever allow me to have a honeymoon in Hawaii. So you see now there is a good chance that my dream will come true at last. Will you help by saying a sweet aloha prayer for Connie Li and me?

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