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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Second Feedle to Pele
Dedicated to Janet Tanaka

Submitted by Mike

When we were officially paired by a dating computer, I realised that the main love of her life was live erupting volcanoes and in the case of Hawaii, that would be Pele.

I'm originally from the the Kona district and recall picking coffee, including the pulping work and drying the beans before it went to the coffee mill for the final processing.

The computer knew what it was doing, since Janet was a brief case volcano nut and I was a rockhound.

We have visited the Big island several times and was disappointed when we went to see Pele in action. We flew around the steaming vent of Puu Oo and saw the steam raising from the ocean where the lava entered the sea. We also went down to the beach and saw the lava entering the sea from a mile away. We visited the lava flow from the Puna side and saw the new beach with solid black lava. Janet loved it. We visited Brad Lewis and got some really great eruption pictures taken by Brad, which he does professionally for a living.

Next Feb. 2001, we plan to attend a conference in Auckland, New Zealand about cities living with volcanoes, etc. This country is known for its active and volatile volcanoes. Janet will be in seventh Heaven.

We now live about 20 miles from Mt. Rainier and have a beautiful view of the mountain.

During our honeymoon, twenty years ago, we visited Mt. St. Helens, shortly after it erupted.

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