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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Wonderful Moments
Dedicated to Dale Boswell

Submitted by Shirley

During the Vietnam War I worked for an airline as an airline hostess, flying on military charters that flew military personnel throughout southeast Asia. Every time we flew a trip to Southeast Asia we spent a day or two in Hawaii each direction. This was a very transit life style.

One trip coming back to Hawaii from Japan I met a Marine, after talking throughout out the flight I realized we had many similar interests and I asked him out. He was involved with somebody else, later he introduced me to a friend. His friend was Dale Boswell who was based at Camp Smith. As a military officer he spent a lot of time away from Hawaii, another lonely life style.

Each time our paths crossed in Hawaii, we would spend as much time as possible together enjoying the beaches and seeing the sights. Sometimes our time together was only an hour or two. Our schedules did not permit large blocks of time together. Six months after we met, we were driving down a country road between pineapple fields when Dale pulled his car over and proposed. One week later we were married. We spent three days in Hawaii as our honeymoon. Dale went off to Vietnam and I continued flying. A year later we met again in Hawaii for a second honeymoon. That was thirty one years ago and we are still happily married.

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