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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

First Sight
Dedicated to Frederick

Submitted by Gloria

The first time I saw Frederick I did not see his face but I felt his personality. He said good morning and I felt as if I knew him all my life. We spoke for a short while then I went to my office and he went to his. As we were working in the same building we seemed to be bumping into each other often. He asked me out and I made excuses because I did not want to be involved with anyone at work. After a couple of months I agreed to go out with him. We went to see a movie which I cannot remember a thing about because, one minute the film started and we started to kiss, the next minute it was the end of the film. The next day we went to dinner, he fed me and I fed him, people was looking at us and saying how good it was to see people really in love. Our most famous night out was when we drove to London, stopped on Westminster Bridge and started to walk. It took us 4 hours to get to the other side. (It should have taken 30 minutes.) We walked for one minute then stopped and kissed for 20 minutes, this went on until we finally got across the bridge. We are now married and we are planning to spend Christmas in Hawaii this year.

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