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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

I Dream Im In Hawaii
Dedicated to My Husband And Don Ho

Submitted by Penny

i love hawaii its so breathtaking and smells so fresh, i would love to live in hawaii i wish i could win the lottery and move their i never seen where the sun is so bright and blue and it still rains and i wouldnt have a care in the world i would just play all day and watch the sunset go down and there luau ohhhhh man are they neat and so romantic oh i could just see myself their now sipping a maitai or pineapple drink and listening to don ho sing tiny bubbles and being next to my husband what a sweet heart! just relaxing and taking it easy not a care in the world not worried that someone gonna break in my house or someone gonna get mugged or shot. just being the people that we are and smile on our face and happiness in our hearts and and our health being able to to just reach out in that dream and seeing the blue sky and feeling the warmth of the sun and in my dream i could walk out into the ocean and not be afraid of what i cant see and just be happy that im alive and happy im free of my fear and i dont have to be afraid anymore i can swim and float and just be happy, alive and im free.

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