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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

I'll Never Get Married
Dedicated to Jerry Ogle

Submitted by Deborah

I left my tight-knitted home town in 1973 to find myself, and hopefully, my soulmate. I travelled extensively and came back home 23 years later, alone. My girlfriend drove me around and reaquainted me with the area and as she did so, she said "I think Jerry works around here somewhere". Well, something struck a cord in my gut (or my heart) and I just HAD to see him. We had gone to high school together and had joked with each other in the hallways (both being tall) but had never even dated before. For some reason, it was an obsession for me to see him again and when we finally did meet up with each other, it was, in my opiniion, magic! It must have been in his too, because when he saw me he said "where the devil have you been!?" We got married 6 months later (remember, I was never gonna get married!) and we celebrated our first anniverary in Hawaii because my husband is an "Island Boy" at heart. And I soon learned be be an "Island Girl"! So, after more than 2 decades looking for my 'soul-mate', I found him right back here in my hometown! He is my best friend and made me a better woman and friend than I ever thought possible of myself.

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