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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love Everlasting
Dedicated to The Love of My Life-Kerwyn Shepherd

Submitted by Joy

This love story may at first sound like a typical romance novel, but looking closer you will see it is far from "typical". It all began two years ago in the month of July. A friend and I went on a cruise for a fun vacation. One night we ordered room service, and little did I know that night would be the night that I would meet my future love. It was just a meeting then, nothing happened. A year later, the same cruise, we met again. At that time I had lost about 30 pounds. A spark of interest was lit, and we spent the day together in Cancun. After the cruise was over, expensive phone calls were made, and it was decided that we had a strong interest in each other. There were many problems. First--a long, very long distance relationship--how would it last when we hardly knew each other?, acceptance of family and friends for racial reasons, and TRUST-a big factor in a relationship. We were both going to have to be devoted to our relationship. For months we wrote and called each other. I would fly down to see him in port for only a few hours (this only happening every couple of months)--always parting in tears. Finally the day came when he came to visit me for 3 weeks. Three whole weeks--excitement ran through my veins. I realized now how much I truly loved this man. After spending 3 weeks together, we both realized we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but more obstacles lay ahead. He is not from the US, he would need a visa to stay here. He was already assigned to go back on ship. At this time he was home in Barbados visiting his family. He called to say he would be coming to visit again for two more weeks-- talk about a thrill to my heart. These two weeks made us even more sure of our relationship. We have now begun to really plan for our life together, the paperwork is being started, family is being told. We are ready to be together forever--no more goodbyes. Our goal is to be married by the end of August 2001. We also have talked about where we would like to spend our honeymoon. We both think Hawaii is such a romantic place to spend some time together to express our love. I can't wait for that day!

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