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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Opening To Love
Dedicated to Wounded Souls

Submitted by Kimberley

"Hawaii", she just couldn't get it out of her head.

"I really could go...just to get my head together...just to figure it all out." Martha knew that space was what she needed and what better place than the most beautiful, spiritual place in the world, to help heal her soul.

Before the week was over the flight was booked and she was ready. David had understood. After 22 years of marriage the affair had ripped a hole in both of their hearts.

As the plane touched down, she felt a stirring in her soul. She felt a reassuring feeling, as if all would be looked after. During the next 10 days, she bathed in the warm ocean and walked through the rain forest trails. She even indulged in a hot stone lomi-lomi massage that opened her entire body up to the healing energy of the island. She ventured through the bottom of the volcano and let the hot breeze blow the ashes of time through her long blonde hair. Martha ate the healing foods of the island and drank it's cleansing juices. At the end of the week Martha was ready. Ready to return to her husband, cleansed, healed and ready to receive his forgiveness for her terrible indiscretion.

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