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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Soul Mate
Dedicated to Dennis

Submitted by Mona

It's funny really, because I was really sure about the choices I was making in my life. A second chance REALLY was not necessary for me. Though my parents were SURE that Russell, was really not the best choice for me at age 20..."they just didn't understand".

I married, and with true intentions devoted my future to him. And really to this day I can honestly say we did. However, due to our immaturity, after a newborn daughter, I began re-thinking my ability to commit under ANY circumstance. That is what I have been taught. I also have the blessing of having a very wonderful and strong mother. In addition, while Mom was home being strong, Dad was working, making ends meet. Six children, from 1955-1965, all successful, all with college degrees, and all happily within 6 miles of our parents home to this day.

Honestly, I began this letter as a love letter to my husband today, Dennis. Whom has met me, adored me, (Rachael included), had Drew, and has never faltered from his very same stance. Love God, serve Him, NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED WHERE YOU ARE, and all else will fall into place. But, my ending request is really for my parents, we lived in Hawaii, on Oahu, in the service!, for 4 years in the service, and they've not been back since!!!! Married for 46 years, God fearing, parents. Who want the very same thing for my children today as our parents did, yet... much harder to achieve.

Thank you,
Mona Burton

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