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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

6,000 Miles to my Soul Mate
Dedicated to my wife, Bernadette Jones

Submitted by Paul

Back in September 1998 while online, I recieved an email from Bernadette. She was responding to an ad I had for a pen pal from anywhere. This is our story.

I, Paul am from Maui, Hawaii and Bernadette is from Long Island, NY. We both have lived in our own worlds all our lives is until one day Bernadette decided to answer an e-mail from a guy (me) in Hawaii who is looking for new pen pals from around the world.

We started off with an e-mail twice or three times a week. Then everyday and sometimes even two or three times a day. Somehow I guess we both could feel that there was something between us. We started chatting using ICQ which wasn't easy because of the time difference. Hawaii, at that time was 6 hours behind New York. This meant that when Bernadette was getting ready for bed, I was just coming home from work.

From chatting we started to call each other. Same problem with time zones, but at least we could hear each other. I would call her at work or she would call me at home. This lasted for about a month before Bernadette decided that she wanted to come meet me. She wanted to know if what we thought we had on-line was real or not. I agreed.

Two weeks later I met Bernadette at the Kahului airport. I had made arrangements for her to stay at the Maui Lu Hotel in Kihei.

We spent the next two weeks together. I took Bernadette around Maui and showed her some of the sites. Of course I took her to meet my family. Everyone seemed to hit it off right away. My nephews and niece called her Aunty with no problem and I think she felt at home with them.

Well the two weeks went by fast. Now it was my turn to decide if I would go back with her to Long Island. I decided to go and see what it would be like. Her boss offered me a job so I figured I had nothing to lose by going there and checking it out.

We arrived on Long Island on November 4th. Right away I met her immediate family and spent the next month meeting the rest of her family and going to work to see about the job.

I decided to stay with her in NY and we returned to Maui in December of 98 to pack up my stuff. I couldn't leave my Bernadette. So we spent our first Christmas together with my family on Maui. It was nice to see my family again even if I'd been away for only about a month and a half. Because of the cost of airfare durning Christmas, I'm not sure when I can spend another Christmas with them!

We saw them all again on August 6, 2000, when we got married at the Kea Lani Hotel in Wailea, Maui. I never thought I'd be getting married but here I am getting married to someone I met over the internet no less. Weird? I don't think so. I believe that there is someone for everyone. I'm glad I waited.

Well, that's our story. THE END? I don't think so. With true Love, the story never ends but continues forever.

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