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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

I Finally Found Someone
Dedicated to The Memory of Our Lost Loves

Submitted by Violet

I found my love because of one simple email and a lot of faith.

Each of us had suffered through the terrible agony of watching our spouses suffer with diseases for which there was no cure. Our days and nights had been filled with pain, and futility as we tried to ease their last days and fill them with as much joy as possible. In doing this, we lost an important part of ourselves, but gained the strength we would need to live again after the grief.

By chance, I sent an email and prayed "Lord if you wish me to be content alone, so be it...if not, please send me love." He sent me a gentle man who understood my pain and knew what it was like to feel so alone in this world. Together we have grown past the pain and discovered that we could love again.

Should our dreams come true, at our wedding, we want to dedicate candles to our lost loves, to thank them for our second chance at happiness. Our wedding plans are on hold due to many complications. But we dream of that sweet day when we will be one.

Our dreams are simple... Love, happiness, a home, and a chance to fill the rest of our lives with laughter and joy. We know tears are a part of life, but we hope some of them are happy ones.

'Grow Old along with me, the best is yet to be' A honeymoon in paradise (Hawaii) would be heaven indeed.

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