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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love Will Find a Way
Dedicated to Karen Bailey

Submitted by Scott

My wife and I were introduced to the magic of Disney at an early age. All of our lives we both dreamed of working at Walt Disney World. One summer, we both decided that we would live our dream. As fate would have it, the two of us were destined to meet, she was a popcorn girl and I was a custodian. I would spend a lot of time sweeping around her stand and from that point, we were in love. In just one month, we developed an incredible relationship. Unfortunately, she was from Indiana and I was from Alabama and we both had two more years of school. In Love and determined to make it, we would talk every night and drive to see one another at least twice a month. Being college students, the relationship was breaking us financially. I did all I could do to save up and buy her an engagement ring. At end of college, we moved to the same city, got jobs, and were wed. On the 5th day after the wedding, Karen and I celebrated the longest that we had spent together since Disney. Soul mates by God's design, we gave all we had for two years just to hear each others voice and to spend a couple days together. All that we had to get us through was the hope and love.

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