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Love Stories of Hawaii


R&R and a wedding too!
Dedicated to Joe and Trish

Submitted by Erin

I just married the most wonderful man last month, the reason he is so great is because of the parents he has. This is my dedication to them. Joe was stationed in Vietnam in 1971. His fiance' and soon mother-to-be, Trish , were half a world away in New Jersey. He took R&R in Hawaii half way through his tour and she met him there. They married in the open air on the bright sunday morning of August 19, 1971. After spending a week in Hawaii, a week not long enough for Joe to spend with his new bride, Joe reluctantly went back to war--Trish to her parents in NJ. Where she waited out her first months of marriage without her husband. Joe thought the whole time of his new wife and the son they were expecting. Remembering the love they shared in Hawaii, the last time he saw his love, Trish, Joe made arrangements to suprise his wife on December 24 of 1971, just weeks before the arrival of his son. He arrived, knocked on her door and she was in labor. Their son was born on Dec. 25, 1971, Joe was just in time to see his first son born. Their love has lasted 29 years and bore them two sons. For their 25th anniversary we threw them a Hawaiian luau. For their 30th, it would be wonderful to bring them back to the place where their marriage began. Strong enough to see them through war, long distances, two sons, two new daughters-in-law and many, many happy years together.

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