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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love at 38,000 Feet "Airborn"
Dedicated to Fred Bethune

Submitted by Wanda

On this bright and beautiful day flying high above the carribean islands I meet the love of my life. I was seated next to the window and I decided to go check on my makeup and on the end seat of this row was a handsome gentleman who happily allowed me to exit.
When I returned he smiled at me and I just looked out of the window. Then he just started to say, I have seen you down here before and I said I was attending a meeting.
He told me everything I wore at that meeting a year ago. Then he said were you in Washington in December and I said yes, do I know you. He said no. What I found out was that he was hoping I would return so that he could get my name and call me.

This business man travels all over the world and how did he just remember me... while at the meeting we were insperateble and we talked the whole time we was there. When we returned to the states we started dating and our long distance bill got up to $400.00 one month. To say the least we have a long distance relationship - I live in Alabama he lives in North Carolina and we see each other every other month if we can. We are total opposites but we love one another.

I enjoy his humor and how we talk and share everything. Meeting this man has changed my life. I planned to move to NC in the spring of 2001 and become his wife. He is warm, loving and most of all intelligent. We share the same interest and we know what we want out of life. One thing about love, it has no heights. So to celebrate our love of 2 years we are coming to "Hawaii" to reinvent the 38,000 feet above sealevel romance.

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