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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

You Got Mail
Dedicated to Mark

Submitted by Katja

It was a nice warm Friday night on 4th June 99 in St. Louis, Missouri when I decided to go out with my friends. First I wasnt going but something change my mind. And I'm glad it happened because on that night I met the him who totally changed my life.

I was standing close to the bar. I just happened to look around and I saw this guy standing alone next to me. He was smoking cigarette and I started this conversation asking "How's you cigarette?" We started talking and after the last call we decided to see each other again next day. And we did. And also on next day. And on Monday he called me one more time to join him before he was leaving.

We went out, had a lunch, he did some shopping and then I took him to the airport. I was sad even though I didn't show it to the him because I never believed that this relationship could last longer than those 4 days - he lived in Austalia.

We changed the e-mail addresses and promised to keep in touch. He asked me to read this specific passage in Bible and I was very confused after reading it at home. It was about love.

So he left and after couple of days I received a letter from the him in which he said he fell in love with me. He said it was love at the first sight. My heart was singing. It was like a dancing heart under the palm trees on the sunny and hot day in Hawaii. I was so happy. The words couldnt describe the feeling inside me.

And since 4th June weve been keeping touch through internet. We got this Meg-Tom You got mail -relationship until we'll meet again.

I love him from all my heart.

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