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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance

Story Archives
1+1 Equals Paradise - by Lisa
498 Lbs Thinned Lipped And Skinny - by Anonymous
A Dream Come True - by Elizabeth
A First Honeymoon - by Trista
A Hawiian Journey with Jim - by Shirley
A Love Affair With Hawaii - by Charles
A Love Attributed to God - by Barbara
A love to cure all - by Ted
A Match Made in Heaven - by Anonymous
A Never-ending Love - by Evelyn
A New Song to Sing - by Vi
A New Start - by Roy
A Picture of a Lifetime *true story - by Joshua
A Promise Kept - by Anonymous
A Second Chance at Love - by Heather
A Second Chance At Love - by Stacy
A Second Honeymoon - by Kimberly
A Torch for Cleo - by Cleo
A Twist of Fate - by Brenda
After All These Years - by Clay
Aloha - by Anonymous
Aloha is truly until we meet again - by Megan
Aloha means Love - by Angela
Aloha Nui Loa - by Mary
An Experiment Needs Proving - by Sue
And Then There Was Hawaii... - by Kelley
And then there was Hawaii - by Anonymous
Another Chance for Aloha - by Sal
Another chance for our love - by Anonymous
Another Try - by Bob
Anywhere You Go - by Tonia
As Beautiful As A Sunset In Hawaii - by Vivian
As Fate Would Have It - by Larry
As Time passes By - by Anonymous
"august Fifth" - by J.r.ortiz
Back to the Falls - by Lincoln
Back together again - by Bill
Being married to your best friend - by Sheryl
Believe in your dreams! - by Piper
Believe it dreams do come true - by Jennifer
Better the Second Time Around - by Belinda
Better, the second time around - by Roxane
Birthday Present - by Kelly
Butterfly Dream - by Don
Call Me "Frankie" - by Catherine
Candy & Me; A Love Story - by Anonymous
Chance - by Daniel
Chance Encounter - by Lori
Chance Love Again - by Pamela
Chance Meeting - by Mary
Could It Happen In Hawaii? - by LaRose
Da Local Girl & Da Haole - by Christina
Daddy and Mommy please kiss again - by Brenda
Destiny - by Anonymous
Destiny - by Michele
Does love Hurt? - by Michelle
Dreams Can Come True - by Gale
Dreams do come true - by Anonymous
Eight is Enough - by Shirley
"Faded Dreams" - by Sarah
Fate and Love - True Story - by Cassandra
Fate intervened,hopeful hearts meet - by Olliem
Finally - by Rena
Finally Found - by Anonymous
Finding Love Again - by Anonymous
Finding Love in Hawaii - by Stephanie
FInding MY Soulmate - by NormanCleghorn
First Kiss - by Veronica
Fluent Love - by Chandice
For Better...For Worse - by Courtney
"For Life and Love" - by Sal
For the rest of my life....."I DO" - by Pauletta
Forever Love - by Brenda
Found Again - by Lani
Found You Again - by Jean
Friends - by Mar
Friendship - by C
Friendship & Marriage - by Anonymous
Garage Sales to Wedding Bells - by Lori
Gentle Little Flower - by Zachary
Getting It Wright - by Anonymous
Given A Second Chance - by Christine
God Gives Second Chances - by Anonymous
God made an angel and gave it to me - by Shirley
God Sent - by Michelle
Good Man Lost & Found Again - by Ginny
Happiness Is Where You Find It - by Geri
Happiness Revisited - by Anonymous
Hawaii: A place to create memories - by Francine
Hawaii is my destiny - by Anonymous
Hawaii, Lost Love - by Bill
Hawaiian Cherry Machine - by Patti
Hawaiian Eyes..... - by Joseph
Hawii Love - by Lori
Hawii Take Me Away - by Anonymous
Hayseed love - by Dawna
He Finally Found Love - by David
He Lua Manawa na Aloha - by Aimee
He Made Me Laugh - by Barbara
He Showed Me How To Love Again - by Ashley
He was Aries, she Cancer - by Heather
Healing in Hawaii - by Bettye
Healing the soul - by Tiffany
Her Dream Vacation - by Robert
Here We Come Hawaii - by Anonymous
High School Reunion - by Anonymous
His touch became magic - by Anonymous
How I learned to trust again - by Anonymous
How I Met My Man - by Jen
How Was I To Know - by Anonymous
How's Thursday for You? - by Cathy
I always knew you were the one ! - by Heather
I Finally Found Him - by Anonymous
I Finally Found Someone - by Violet
I finally met him...... - by Monica
I found my heart - by Terry
I guess it was fate - by Linda
"I Knew It Was Love" - by Sylvia
I Know How Much You Love Me - by Cynthia
I left something in Hawaii for you - by Janine
I lost you once - by Diane
I Love You Today - by Ann
I' m not letting you go! - by Anonymous
I Married my Best Friend - by Cathy
I Tought He Was A Drunk - by Anonymous
I Want To Celebrate - by Darby
I Went with the House - by Ernest
I'll Never Get Married - by Deborah
I'm glad you found me. - by Justina
I'm Proud of the Way We Met - by Julie
If 1st you don't succeed try again! - by Anonymous
In the middle of the sea - by Lovell
In Time - by Anonymous
In Your Dreams - by Carol
Interview for a Lifetime - by Kay
Is There Such Thing? - by Catherine
Is this a Dream? - by Anonymous
It Began So Simply - by Anonymous
It Had to be Fate - by Linda
It was him again 10 years later... - by Anonymous
It's Never Too Late - by Laura
Jim and Niki Hart - by Niki
Just you and i - by Moochie
Kauai - the Isle of Love - by Connie
Later in Life Loving - by Mary
Laughter Through Tears - by Laura
Let's try again! - by Anonymous
Let's Try This Again - by Meredith
Life Begins When You Find Love - by Richard
Listen to Love - by Charles
Long awaited Honeymoon - by Cheryl
Looking For Love - by Patricia
Lost and Found - by Martha
Lost and Found - by Sharon
Love Again - by Anonymous
"Love Aloha" - by Thomas
Love And Cancer - by Anonymous
Love as constant as the waves - by Anonymous
Love at First Sight - by Dave
Love forever - by Beatriz
Love Hawaiian Style - by Anonymous
Love in the Afternoon - by Priscilla
Love is Always in Bloom in Hawaii - by Anonymous
Love is in the Air - by Jacie
Love lost, love found. - by Anonymous
Love of a lifetime - by Anonymous
Love Of A Lifetime - by Anonymous
Love of a lifetime... - by linda
Love on Lanikai - by Christina
Love, The Second Time Around - by Anonymous
Love was right before my eyes - by Lana
Love Will Lead You Back... - by Autumn
Loves Getting Away - by Dienne
Lucky for me... - by jacalyn
Lucky HulaGal - by Karen
Mahalo My Love - by Anonymous
Me too! - by Anonymous
Meant to Be - by Anonymous
Meant to Be - by Jamie
Meant to Be - by Jean
Meant To Be - by Sue
Meant To Be - by Terri
Meeting the guy of my dreams - by Denise
Met Him At Work - by Rena
Met my Soulmate via Internet - by Terri
Mike and Brenda - by Brenda
Missy & Mark - by Melissa
"Misty" - by Diana
Molokai Princess - by Ila
Mom Needs a Man - by Anet
Mr. Right - by Becky
My Bull - by Cassandra
My Dearest Love - by Amy
My Fantasy: A Hawaiian Honeymoon - by Willow
My First Love - by Kenneth
My First Love - by Rohnda
My Friend - by Cindy
My Knight in Shining Armor - by Sharrol
My life I thought I would never have - by Janie
My Lobster - by Anonymous
My "On Golden Pond" - by Marilyn
My Prince - by Cheryl
My Roger - by Tara
My Second Chance - by Lori
My Second Chance - by Anonymous
My Second Chance at Happiness - by Esther
My second chance at Heaven - by Shiffon
My Second Chance Testimony - by Debbie
My Second Chane at love - by Rochelle
My Soul Mate - by Jo.Ann
My Soulmate - by Viveca
My Soulmate Waited For Me - by Jamie
My wish for you - by Tammy
Never Would Have Believed It! - by Sharon
Never-Ending Happiness - by Shannon
New begining - by Julie
New Beginning - by Jewell
New Beginning - by Anonymous
Not Alone - by Anonymous
Not always a 'once in a lifetime'. - by Michele
Not just another love story - by April
Oh for Crying out Loud - by Debra
Once Again - by MichaelOShea
Once and Again - by Michelle
Once More With Feeling - by Gloria
Once Upon A Cruise - by Dorothy
Once Was Not Enough - by Molly
One lucky duck...Me - by Ted
One More Chance - by Linda
One True Love - by Elizabeth
One way ticket - by Megan
Opening doors - by Laura
Opening To Love - by Kimberley
Our chance to have a nice wedding - by Belinda
Our Dream - by DebAllen
Our Fresh Start - by Shannon
"Our Journey to Hawaii - by Brad
Our Love - by Denise
Our Love Story - by Christy
Our "Second Love" Story - by Barbara
Paradise Everyday - by Sandra
Pat, Me and Molokai - by James
Picnic Date - by Diane
Pineapple Punch - by Barbara
Promise Of Another Day - by Hershel
Promises, Promises! - by Michael
Puppy Love in Hawaii 20 years later - by Brenda
Quest For Happiness - by Erika
Rebirth of romance - by Suzanne
Rediscovered - by Anonymous
Rekindle - by Paula
Relationship Renewal - by Katherine
Remembered Love - by Mike
Reunited - by Tambi
Royal Blessings - by Cyndy
School Sweet Hearts - by Shannon
Searchin' (For my Love) - by Anonymous
Second Chance - by Geri
Second Chance - by Lois
Second Chance - by Sheryl
Second Chance at Love - by Anita
Second Chance at My One True Love - by Jennifer
Second Chance Love - by Nora
Second Chance Romance - by Kathy
Second Chances don't happen often. - by Wally
Second Honeymoon And More! - by Patty
Second Meeting - by Diane
Second time around - by Anonymous
Second time around - by Larry
Second Time Around - by Pamela
Second Time Around - by Anonymous
Second Time's a Charm - by Deborah
Second Times A Charm - by Betty
Seconds Are Best - by Hal
Seeking Heart's Twin - by Anonymous
She Made It to Hawaii On Time - by Ted
She was given to me for a reason - by Anonymous
Show N' Tell - by Anonymous
Softball, Marriage, and the Game of Love - by Brian
Sohl Mate / Dreaming of Hawaii - by Joni
"Some things are worth waiting for" - by Angela
Some Years Later - by Sarah
Soulmate Sent by God - by Susan
Soulmates - by Anonymous
Spin Cycle - by Bonnie
Submitted by - by Phyllis
Take These Broken Wings - by Cathy
Taking Chances - by Cherie
Taking Risks - by Gina
Thank Heaven for Second Chances - by Amy
Thank You, Hawaii - by Donna
Thanks for being you - by Ted
That night after a fight! - by Tiffaney
The Anniversary - by Teri
The Best Loves (High School) - by Forrest
The Boy Next Door - by Jeri
The Joys of Life - by Nancy
The Lord Gave us this Week! - by Tammy
The Love of my Life - by Christine
The Love of My Life - by Deborah
The love of my life - by Kelly
The Love of My Life - by Wendy
The Love That Wouldn't Die - by Shari
The Magic of the Islands - by Brenda
The Man I Was Waiting For - by Barbara
The Man That Makes My World go around! - by Julie
The Man Who Loves Me For Who I Am - by Tina
The Rescue - by Yvonne
The Risk - by priscilla
The Second Time is Best - by Tony
The Second Time We Met - by Jennifer
The Secret - by Suellen
The Secret Dream - by Mary
The way you m ake me feel - by Anonymous
There's always a moral... - by Tina
This Is the Moment - by Nancy
This really is our second chance - by Shawn
Three Is A Charm! - by Anthony
Three Is A Charm! - by Patti
Through his eyes - by Gail
To be or Not to be - by Rene
To Love Again For The First Time - by Beverly
Transition Woman - by Fiona
Trollin' in Hawaii - by Elizabeth
True Love - by Leslie
True Love - by Mona
True love never fails. - by Carey
True Love Radiates - by Richard
True Love the Second Time - by Patricia
Twice in a Lifetime - by Andrea
Twice In A Lifetime - by Anonymous
Two "Solemates" Meet - by Trisha
Two Times the Charm - by Jennifer
Unbreak My Heart - by Amy
Uncle Bill - by Anonymous
We Have Each Other - by Katleen
We won again at Lihue - by Peter
What a Difference a Day Makes! - by Cris
What True Love Feels Like - by A
What Words Can Do - by Jimmy
When I kiss my future - by Danny
When One Door Closes, ANother opens - by Jessica
When you least expect it - by Teresa
Who would of thought - by Lisa
Why did I make that call - by Anonymous
Why didn't I see more than a friend - by Anonymous
With seven you get eggroll - by Terry
Without you my life is not complete - by Tammy
Worth the Wait, Oh Love of My Life - by Carol
Your future is full of promise - by Catalina
Your Love Is Mine Again - by Anonymous

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