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Love Stories of Hawaii


Story Archives
10 Years of Paradise - by Deidra
11 Days - by Melinda
15th Anniversary - by Anonymous
2 Kids In Love - by Anonymous
20 Years - by Carol
25 Years - by Anonymous
25 Years - by Nanette
25th Anniversary - by Scott
25th Wed Anniversary Celebration - by Kris
27 Years Later - by Kim
2nd Honeymoon - by Allen
"3" Is My Husband's Lucky Number. - by Dee
30th Annavery - by Martin
40 years of Life together. - by Mary
A beautiful day! - by Kathleen
A Belated Honeymoon Dream - by Tamara
A Bright Future - by Todd
A Broken Circle Whole Again - by Valeria
A Dream Come True - by Christina
A Fairy Tale Romance - by Anonymous
A Gift to My Husband - by Karen
A good man - by Susan
A Hawaii Honeymoon - by Ms
A Hawaiian Secret - by Aeb
A Hawaiian Sunset - by Nancy
A Hawaiian Wedding Story - by Sandra
A Hawaiian Wish - by Robin
A Hawaiin Honeymoon Dream - by Shawn
A honeymoon well needed - by Lisa
A Lesson in Love - by Connie
A Letter To My Husband - by Anonymous
A life devoted to their kids - by Jessica
A Little Slice of Heaven - by Bridget
A Love Story for a Lifetime - by Suzanne
A Love That Has Stood Strong - by Joune
A Lovely 40 Year Romance - by George
A Lovely Sight - by Alyson
A Lovely Surprise - by Anonymous
A Loving Wedding Story - by Rosina
A Mother's Wish - by Anonymous
A Muddy Secret - by Linda
A New Adventure - by Cortney
A Romantic Evening - by Donna
A Second Chance At Love - by Marcia
A Shared Dream - by Kimberly
A Short List - by Heather
A Simple Complexity - by Anonymous
A Special Union - by Patricia
A Thank You to My Husband - by Karen
A True Blessing - by Anonymous
A true love story - by Anonymous
A True Love Story - by Kim
A True Partnership - by Anonymous
A True Union - by Jayne
A Walk Into Town - by Bob
A Wish - by Joanne
A Wish for Hawaii - by Alicia
After All - by Paula
Against Odds - by Anonymous
All Because of eHarmony! - by Emily
All or Nothing - by Joyce
All-Over-Again Love - by R
Aloha at first sight - by Jim
Aloha - I Love You! - by Linda
Aloha Love - by Joel
Aloha Miracles - by Jeanna
Aloha's Greatest Gift - by Bobbie
Angel Of Love - by Guillermo
Anniversary in Hawaii - by Julie
As wonderful as the Hawaiian Island - by Christy
Awai'ulu ke aloha - by Andrea
Awaiting a Dream to Come True - by Darla
Because he deserves it... - by Helen
Before it's too late... - by Michele
Better Late than Never - by Sherri
Bliss on the Banks of Buffalo Bayou - by Benjamin
Bonjour HAWAII - by Sylvie-Marie
Bridal Bouquet - by Suellen
Cant Leave her to be alone - by Kenneth
Celebrate Love - by Cammie
"Celebrate Your Life!" - by Anonymous
Church Was Wrong - by Charlene
Coming Home - by Juan
Computer Love Letters - by Julie
Congratulations Survivor - by Heather
Corney Proposal - by Michelle
Could've, Should've, Would've - by Daryl
Dancing on my wedding day...... - by Val
Dear John - by Tina
Dear Keokolo - by Anonymous
Dearest Heart - by Sheri
Dearest Husband .... - by Michelle
Defying All Odds - by Acacia
Despite the Honeymooon - by Dennis
Destination - Hawaii - by Elaine
Destined for Love - by Kimberly
Devoted - by Anonymous
Diamonds on Diamond Head - by Ruth
Did you ever just know.... - by Dominique
Did you see That!? - by Kathy
Don't we love disasters? - by Arlen
Dreaming of Hawaii - by Barbara
Dreams Come True - by Leigh
Dreams Do Come True - by Anonymous
Enchanted - by Anonymous
Endurance - by Gregory
Enduring Love - by Amanda
Enduring Love - by Anonymous
Enduring war - by Denise
Energized Love - by Deb
Eternal - by Lorry
Everything To Me - by Dawn
Exotic Wedding Location - by Bob
Falling in love again!! - by Shannon
Fantasy Island - by Alan
Fate - by Annette
Fate - by Cathleen
Fatherhood makes our love grow - by Anonymous
Fern Grotto - by Derek
Fern Grotto - by John
Filling an Empty Sunset - by Kurt
Finding love on the Road to Hana - by Anonymous
Finding the real thing - by Anonymous
Flight of Hope - by Shannon
For Now, ForEver - by Dani
For our Anniversary - by Laura
For you, my love - by Jennifer
Forever My Love - by Dora
Forever Yours - by Anonymous
Friday Surprize - by Susie
From Catalina to Hawaii - by Robyn
GeoProposal - by Anonymous
Getting Maui'd - by Anonymous
"Go to Haleakala!" - by karen
God's Second Greatest Present - by David
Going Home Again - by Shari
Good Tears - by Anonymous
Graham Crackers - by Mary
Graham Crackers - by You're
Grandpa's Last Wish - by Julie
Guardian Angel - by Rose
Happily Ever After - by Linda
Happy Anniversary - by Anonymous
"Have To" - by Tom
Hawaii,Aloha and Love. - by Susie
Hawaii - First Love, Only Love - by Mike
Hawaii in a Box - by M
Hawaii Must Wait - by Anonymous
Hawaii My Dream - by Karen
Hawaii or Bust - by Stephanie
Hawaii, Our Special Place - by Joseph
Hawaii Someday Again, My Love - by Michael
Hawaii Spelled Out - by Libby
Hawaii Thoughts - by Little
Hawaii Was Our Beginning - by Alice
Hawaiian Dreams - by Stefanie
Hawaiian Honeymoon - by Lynne
Hawaiian Honeymoon that Wasn't - by Anonymous
Hawaiian Hopes - by Kendra
Hawaiian Kings Married Us! - by Dave
Hawaiian Magic - by Christopher
Hawaiian Proposal - by Deb
Hawaiian Stopover - by Rita
Hawaiin Honeymoon I can't remember - by Jennifer
Hawaiin Silhouette - by Larry
Hawiian Honeymoon - by Anonymous
He Didn't Have To - by Peg
He's got cute feet! - by Donna
"Heated Romance" - by Kathy
Heaven Sent - by Betty
"Hi." - by J
Highpoint Proposal - by Matt
Him and I - by Anonymous
Honey, I love you - by Karen
Honeymoon - by Karen
Honeymoon Cancelled - by Shawn
Honeymoon Happiness - by Anonymous
Honeymoon Hurdles in Paradise - by Anonymous
Honeymoon in Hawaii - by Anonymous
Honeymoon in Hawaii - by Steven
Honeymoon in Paradise - by Michele
Honeymoon Shy - by Chris
Honeymoon that almost Never Happene - by Karen
Honeymoon to Remember - by Anonymous
"How Beautiful" - by Linda
"How Beautiful" - by Robert
How 'Bout This? - by Richard
How I got to Hawaii - by Andy
How I met my husband - by Gwendolyn
How I Proposed - by Bryan
How Time Flies - by Mary
How we got started together - by Katherine
I Believe Dreams Do Come True - by Libby
"I give 'em 2 years, tops" - by Andrea
I Have a Dream - by Tracy
I Knew We Would Never Part - by Meredith
I Love my Parents, but I was Jipped - by Tana
I love my wife! - by Chris
I love you - by Elizabeth
"I Love You More!" - by James
I Married My Best Friend - by Todd
I realized my Love in Hawaii - by Lois
I Reckon She Told Me - by Darrell
I want to get Married in Hawaii - by Catalina
I was "won" on a $10.00 bet! - by Lee
I'm A Klutz But He Still Loves Me - by Karil
I'm in Love - by Sherry
In Love In Kauai - by Melodie
"In Sickness and Health" - by Vicki
In Sickness or a Pain in the Neck - by Dawn
In Your Dreams! - by Scott
Insatiable - by Jose
Inspiration for Happiness - by Carol
Island Love - by Diana
It Was Meant To Be - by Janice
It's been 5 years - by Anonymous
It's Never Too Late for Love - by Anonymous
It's the water! - by Anonymous
Just hold hands - by Al
Just the Beginning - by Dianna
Just the two of us.. - by Angel
Kauai - by Suzy
Kids from the Poor Side of Town - by Betty
Kona Coffee Buddy - by Cathy
Lanai Weekend - by Ruppert
Lesson on Leaving - by Elizabeth
Let - by Anonymous
Letter To My Dearest Love - by Anonymous
Letter to my wife - by John
Letters - by Blake-Edward
Life in the 90's - by Jennifer
Life's Journeys - by Vlasta
Live, Laugh and Love in Hawaii - by Lmm
Live, Love and Laugh - by Muriel
Live our Romance - by Anonymous
Long-Lost Love - by Jennifer
Longing for the Fairytale - by Anonymous
Lost love found - by Anonymous
Lost Wedding Photos - by Lori
Love and Faith - by Michelle
Love and Kisses - by Sheila
Love at First Sight - by Brenda
Love at First Sight - by Cindy
Love at First Sight - by Anonymous
Love At First Sight - by Travis
Love at First Sight at the Gym - by Anonymous
Love at Ka Lae - by Michael
Love at Second Site - by Adam
Love Grows Stronger - by Melanie
Love in Hawaii - by Cat
Love in Hawaii - by Rebecca
Love in Paradise - by Sally
Love is more - by Anonymous
Love overpowers Maui ocean - by Angela
Love Piece - by Anonymous
Love through thick and thin - by Anonymous
Made in Hawaii - by Jean
Magic of Hawaii - by Anonymous
Making it work - by Kristal
Man Of My Dreams - by Karen
Man of My Dreams - by Wanda
Marriage in Paridise - by Karen
Married 31 Years - by Sheri
Maui Magic - by Dale
Mauna Kea Divine wedding - by Lance
Maybe Next Year - by Hilary
Meant To Be - by A
Meant to Be - by Jenny
Meant to be!!!!!! - by Nathan
Meant To Be - by Rebecca
Melting Snow - by Tom
Moaula - by Sara
Mother Nature Knows Best - by Anonymous
Mrs. Sears had everything - by Cathy
My Beautiful Groom - by Sheila
My best friend - by Connie
My Best Friend - by Anonymous
My Best Friend - by Anonymous
My Buddy, My Pal, My Best Friend - by Anonymous
My Dear Lover - by Brom
My Drea Brings Bright Smiles - by Scott
My Fairytale - by Tara
My Feelings are Only Stronger - by Anonymous
My First Kiss In Heavenly - by Brandy
My Friend, Wife and Angel - by Wade
My Husband, My Friend - by A
My husband, my friend - by Anonymous
My inspiration - by Jody
My Joe - by Linda
My Knight in Shining Armor - by Gail
My Koolmool - by Anonymous
My last hour like a girl - by Alexandrina
My Life With Susie - by Mark
My Love - by Anonymous
My Love - by Staci
My Love, My Friend - by Julie
My love my life - by Judie
My Love Story - by Bridget
My Lover My Best Friend - by Anonymous
My One and Only Husband - by Anonymous
My One True Love - by Roberta
My Only Love - by Carl
My parents - by Anonymous
My Permanent Husband - by Janet
My Prime Rib - by Caesar
My Princess Kenia - by Alfred
My Romantic Husband - by Danne
My Savior - by Clare
My Soul Mate - by Anonymous
My Soul Mate - by Libby
My Soul Mate - by Lorrie
My soul mate - by Anonymous
My Sweet Wife - by Joseph
My True Love - by Coni
My Very Special Guy - by Connie
My Wahine male full of Aloha - by Jason
My wife - by Robert
My wife - by Anonymous
My Wife, My Love - by Edward
My Wife's Vacation - by Toney
My Wish For our 25th - by Jan
Never Too Late - by David
New Beginnings - by Jo
Night in shinning armor - by Anonymous
No Greater Earthly Love - by Anonymous
No, I love you more! - by Tiya
No interest in Hawaii - by Jose
Nothing But Great Memories - by Emily
Nothing Else Matters - by Anonymous
Now And Forever - by Anita
"Now You Know How We Felt" - by Rachel
Oahu Art - by Anonymous
Oh What a Wonderful Life - by Amy
Okay Let's Do It - by Randy
On Top Of The World - by Anonymous
One Couple, One Dream, One Love - by Dawn
One Day... - by Amanda
One day - by Els
One Day - by Jeff
One, Five, Ten, Retirement Maybe? - by Elizabeth
One man, one day... - by Anonymous
One of these days - by Douglas
Our 10 Year Anniversary - by Lena
Our Coconut Story - by Frank
Our Fairy Tale Life - by Staci
Our first, happiest, saddest vacation - by Anonymous
Our Greatest Desire - by Elaine
Our Hawaiian Souvenir - by Anonymous
Our Hawaiian Wedding - by Georgetta
Our Honeymoon - by Anonymous
Our Honeymoon - by Darlene
Our Honeymoon - by Rich
Our Honeymoon: Never Happened. - by Dustin
Our Life - by Anonymous
Our Love - by Jennifer
Our Love - by Lynn
Our love connection with Hawaii - by Anonymous
Our Luggage Went West - by Sandy
Our one chance - by Ashley
Our Proposal - by Marianne
Our second date - by Richard
Our Secret Place - by Sheryl
Our Special Place - by P
Our Story - by Vernon
Our Strength - by Laura
Our Wedding... - by Tara
Our Wish - by Tom
Our Wonderful Wedding - by Anonymous
Over a calendar - by Patty
Panama?? - by Paul
Paradise - by Anonymous
Paradise - by Sandra
Paradise memories - by Fernanda
Paradise of the Heart - by Doris
Paradise, Where Love Begins - by Louis
Patience of a Saint - by Anonymous
Pele, Stop Venting and Come Out! - by Beth
Persevering - by Rebecca
Plans always delayed - by Hatti
Play It Again Sam - by Joanne
Play It Again, Sam! - by Julie
Plethora - by Jocelyn
Poem "Love Steps" - by Tamla
Point and Click - by Richard
Polynesian Paralysis - by Kathy
Poor Couple - by Denise
Promises Kept - by David
Proposal - by Braun
Proposal of a Lifetime - by Holly
Proud Papa - by Lance
Pursuing Your Heart - by Patrick
Rainbow Tears - by Lisa
Rainbow Tears - by Mrs
Rebuilding Lives - by WIlliam
Reconiliation in Paradise - by Linda
Rededication Ceremony / Hawaii - by Anonymous
Rekindled Love - by John
Rekindling Romance - by Debbie
Remembering - by Lori
Remind - by Erika
Renewing Our Love - by Johanne
Right Before my Eyes - by Lori
Romance in Paradise - by Marsha
Romance Never Dies - by Janice
Romance on Campus - by Lily
Romantic Surprises - by Jeff
Romeo & Juliette - by Anonymous
Saved My Wife, Lover, Best Friend - by John
Scheming for Love - by Sandra
Second Chance - by Tara
Second Date Love - by Maribeth
Second Honeymoon - by Tammy
Second Time Around - by Lori
She deserves it - by BIll
Shoes at the end of the wharf - by Anonymous
Shooting Star - by Kelly
Silver Anniversary Return - by Leonard
"Six months is a very long time" - by Ann
So In Love - by Anonymous
Soft Breezes of Hawaii - by Todd
Sole Mate - by Robbie
Someday - by Anonymous
Someday - by Judy
Someday-Alifelong dream - by Barbara
Soul Mate - by Rod
Soulmates - by Nicole
Starting our Marriage in Hawaii - by Nicole
Stay the Course - by Cheryl
Still Hard to Believe or Destiny? - by Thomas
Still Reading Between the Lines - by Denice
Strength - by Jame
Strong Heart - by Virginia
Sunsets & Sand - by Raylene
Sweet Love - by Anonymous
Sweet Surprise - by Brandy
Sweetheart - by Barry
Sweetheart Vacation - by Roberta
Swept Away - by Dianna
Teresa - by William
Testimony of real long-lasting love - by Sheila
Thank you for loving me! - by Bobbie
Thank You For Loving Us - by Patti
That Rainy Day When We Fell in Love - by Anonymous
The 20-Year Honeymoon - by Cari
The best memory of a lifetime.... - by Anonymous
The Big Question - by Anonymous
The Caldara love story - by Anonymous
The change is ours - by David
The color Blue - by Nicole
The Dream - by Lynn
The Dream Honeymoon - by Anonymous
The First Day - by Mary
"The Gift" - by Stacie
The gift I could only give once - by John
The Gold Band - by Bonnie
The happiest/saddest wedding - by Linda
The Hawaiian Proposal- in part - by Anonymous
The Hawaiian Road to Love - by Craig
The Honeymoon - by Deborah
The Honeymoon That Never Was - by C.n.c
The Honeymoon That Wasn't - by Nancy
The JOY of my Life - by Rebecca
The Kona Rock - by Eric
"The Love Of A Lifetime" - by Angel
The Love Of My Life - by Cynthia
The love of my life - by Anonymous
The Love of My Life - by Lori
The loves of my life - by Sharon
The luckiest girl in the world - by Mandy
The Magic of the Aina - by Renee
The Man God Gave Me - by Kay
The man I married - by Wendy
The Man of My Life - by Gwendolyn
The Obvious One - by Anonymous
The Perfect The Way It Was Proposal - by Trudy
The perfect Trip - by Anonymous
The planning begins... - by Janelle
The Real Wizard of Oz - by Andrea
The Right Time - by Judy
The Rose Between The Thorns - by Jennifer
The Sailor and the Nun - by Nancy
The Scent of Paradise - by Marie
The Simple Things - by Chris
The Snoop - by Michelle
The Story of Us - by Shirley
The Summit of Love - by Anonymous
The Support He Has Given Me - by Anonymous
The Trip he always wanted - by Kimberly
The Trip You Deserves - by James
The Vacation we've been waiting for - by Devon
The Wedding Day - by Andrea
They Said It Wouldn't Last - by Julie
They Said It Wouldn't Work - by John
They Said We Wouldn't Last - by Mary
"This is Hawaii" funny honeymoon - by Michaell
Three Steps Away - by Jody
"Three things I want to do" - by Anonymous
Through Mountains and Valleys - by Anonymous
Through Our Baby's Eyes - by Carrie
Tiger by Nature - by Billy
Time alone with you! - by Janet
Time Devoted To Just Us - by Anonymous
Timeline of Our Love - by Laurie
To Be Loved So Much - by Elizabeth
To Have a Honeymoon - by Tawnya
To my beloved - by Sandra
Together At Last? - by Jessica
Together Still - by Deborah
Togetherness Needed - by Looking
"Top Ten" - by Greg
Trash Day - by Anonymous
"Treasured Secret"! - by Laurie
Treasures - by J
Trials and Joys - by Anonymous
Tropical Love - by Anonymous
Tropical Romance - by Jan
Tropical Winds - by Pamela
True Love - by JoAnn
True Love - by Sandra
True Love - by Shawn
True Love - by Theresa
True Love's Letter - by Anonymous
Two Out of Three - by Lt
Two Together in Paradise - by Nancy
Two Weeks in Paradise - by Anonymous
Two Year Paid Vacation - by Anonymous
Unconditional Love - by Bette
Unforgetable wedding - by Yuliya
Unforgettable Honeymoon - by Gail
Valentine's Day 1947 - by Helen
Walking Alone - by Sherry
Want to go ,but afraid to fly - by Anonymous
Waves - by Don
We Began Life Together in Hawaii - by Kurt
We Just Couldn't Wait !!! - by Lauri
We Made It! - by Gloria
Wedding Bell Blues - by Mary
What A Marriage Should Be - by Jim
What I like . . . What I love. - by Anonymous
What Is Really Important - by Colleen
What was meant to be will be - by Tommie
What's Next - by Anonymous
When 2 Meet - by Anonymous
When Two People Meet - by John
Where does the time go? - by Anonymous
Where Dreams Come True!!! - by Ed
Where It All Began - by Jonathan
Where's the love? - by Mary
Wherever Life Takes Us - by Michele
Who Knew - by Anonymous
Who Needs Money, When You Have Love - by Vicki
Who Said Office Romances Don't Work - by Melissa
Who Would Have Believed... - by Lorraine
Why Hawaii - by Lori
Will You Marry Me? - by Mimma
Wish You Were Here - by Chris
Wishing on a Star - by Susan
With time the honeymoon will come - by Christy
Worth It - by Anonymous
Would She Marry Me? - by Steve
You Know He Loves You When....... - by Pam
You Know When You Are In Love - by Kevin
You Mean The World To Me - by Tammy
You're my everything - by Elizabeth
"You're Right Dear" - by David
Young Love - by Janna
Your for me, and I am for you! - by Tammy

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