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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Stories: Sort by - Rating, Title, Author

A Day - by JKat
A dream - by shadaba
A Love Which Had Not Even Start - by Anonymous
A Love Worth Saving - by Anonymous
A Mile High Big Apple - by Annemarie
A Soldier's Paradise - by Kelly
A Summer Nights Dream - by Dawn
Backpacking in Hawaii - by Anonymous
Beautiful love - by Stephon
Between Our Love Theres An Ocean - by Anonymous
Blossoming Love - by Anonymous
Blue-eyes - by Anonymous
Confession - by Carolyn
Darling Dan - by Barbara
Deployment is FINALLY over!!! - by Lauren
Desperately Seeking..... - by Anonymous
Divine Fate - by Michele
Fate&love - by Anonymous
Forgotten - by Anonymous
Four to Two - by Anonymous
From on-line pal to husband - by Shelly
Gina& - by Susan
Hawaii Brought Heaven Down To Earth - by Lisa
HaWaii Love in heaven - by Jackie
He Left Everything for Me - by Margie
He loved me just the way I am. - by Susan
Heart Broken - by Keppie
I Believe - by Claudia
I Will Be In Your Future - by Anonymous
I'll always run to you - by Anonymous
If Ever We Meet Again... - by Apple
Juliet's Honolulu Sojourn - by Anonymous
Letter to My Husband - by Mary
Letters of love - by Angela
Long Distace Love - by Michael
Love Doesn't Hurt - by Joy
Love in Hawaii - by Anonymous
Love letter to my husband in Iraq - by Anonymous
Love long distance - by Melanie
Love on Hold - by Anonymous
Love teach how to fly in your Dream - by Anonymous
Love, You Know DaKine - by Douglas
Loving Hawaii through generations. - by Patr'cia
Magic Realized - by Shannondoah
Man Of My Dreams - by Courtney
Mauna and Hina-i-ka-malama - by Tanya
Missing You from Honolulu - by Greg
My Destiny lies in Hawaii - by Susan
My Heart Belongs in Hawaii - by Damien
My heart is screaming - by Dustin
My Island Paradise - by Mr
My traveling solider... - by Anna
Never Say Never - by Anonymous
Night Dreams - by Catalina
On An Island Near London He'sd Home - by Vernon
Our Love Story - by Emily
Passing Ships. - by Anonymous
Thank you Internet - by Pat
The Engagement - by Anonymous
The Fight to Reconnect - by L.a
The first "I love you" - by Anonymous
"The First Time" - by Tom
The Shore - by Anonymous
The World as a small place - by Morena
Time Stands Still - by Mary
To Be Together Again - by Anonymous
To my love - by Anonymous
To whom it concerns: - by Patrice
Together agianst all odds - by Anonymous
Tropical Ho 'onanea - by Gary
Waiting For Time To Pass - by Alicia
When research and romance meet! - by Annie
Why I wait - by Chelsea
Words of Love - by Graeme
You'll always come back... - by Stacy

Older stories can be found in our Long Distance Love Archives