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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Stories: Sort by - Rating, Title, Author

100-day Love - by Michaelkate
Love Prevails - by Kathy
My First Love: Journey Back to Oahu - by Mara
My Best Friend - by Jessica
Unconditional Love - by Vicky
My everything! - by Anonymous
My Heart Only Desire - by Jimbo
Opihi Girl - by Kirby
U Take My Breath Away - by Angela
Love of Angels - by Hayley
Love That Will Never Be - by Shryle
My dreams came true!!!! - by Ms
First Kiss First Love - by Anonymous
My 1st love was my 1st heartbreak - by Anonymous
I Will Love You Forever - by Lauren
Congratulations Prize Winner - by Frank
My First Heart Break - by Alexandra
My first and only kiss - by Jennifer
My first and true love - by Alexandrina
Love - by Matthew
Love At 15 (neva Be Alone) - by Bianka
Love is Sweet - by Anonymous
Love Conquers All - by Alvin
Returned To My Childhood Sweetheart - by Carolyn
A true love story - by Danielle
Blind dates do work - by Rita
Blue Hawaii - by Anonymous
Before - by Colleen
I knew you were the one - by Cherraun
The first and last one - by Yury
True Love - by Emily
My Greatest First Love - by Ajay.b.chaudhari
25TH Wedding Anniversary - by Anonymous
My Brother's Best Friend - by Anonymous
Love From A Stranger - by Anonymous
Sweet Hawaii Boy - by Anonymous
The Moment I realized what love was - by Kenneth
Waiting for you. - by Kevin
Once, Twice, Three times - by Lynn
True Love - by Russ
Who I'm thankful for, my love - by Lorie
Love walk. - by Shanon
My Only Love - by Ellen
13 Years and then Maui - by Cheryl
Captured My Heart - by Angela
A Birthday never forgotten - by Will
Where I would take you - by Anonymous
Hawaiian gurls, mainland love - by Nani
Endless Heart of painless LOVE - by Momi
Johnny Angel Rockstar - by Phyllis
Kyoki-kun - by Jez
Long Time Lobe - by Kim
My love - by Anonymous
One True Love - by Anonymous
With His Glance - by Amanda
Always and Forever - by Melissa
One Day - by Lavel
Hawaiian Sillohette - by George
"My Little Flower" - by Glenn
Hawaii bring me back - by Mark
My True Island Love - by Rebecca
"180 Degrees" Of Love - by Sue
Determined! - by Anonymous
Magical Hawaii - by Robert
My Baby - by Geena
Caged Love - by Anonymous
Serindepity - by Adena
A Very Special Love - by Joycee
First and LAST love - by Melody
Heaven Sent Me - by Anonymous
Long Time Comeing - by Anonymous
Lost in the paradise - by Pamila
My Everthing - by Kelli
My Life, My World - by Anonymous
Young Love - by Anastesia

Older stories can be found in our First Love Archives