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Island Water Sports

Hawaii means watersports galore, and one of the great things about Oahu is that so many activities are available. Ride the North Shore's mountainous waves or skim calmer waters in a kayak.

Drift above the ocean on a parasail, or dive into it with scuba gear or inside a submarine. You don't necessarily have to be experienced to try these water activities. Plenty of professional companies will equip you, teach you, and offer you advice. Look at the list below and see what appeals to you.

Surfing: Simply some of the best in the world. If you're a beginner, try a big board at Waikiki.
Click here for Oahu Surfing Providers.

Body surfing and body boarding: Riding the waves with a boogie board is a thrill for people of all ages and skills. It's inexpensive and fun for all family members.

Windsurfing: Sailing through the waves is hot! Learn and experiment with the technique yourself or sail with the best.
Click here for Oahu Wind Surfing Providers.

Scuba diving: One of the most popular dive destinations in the world. You'll be dazzled by spectacular underwater sights.
Click here for Oahu Scuba Diving Providers.

Snorkeling and "snuba": Easy ways to gaze into the underwater world. "Snuba" gives you a breathing apparatus with a 20-feet hose.
Click here for Oahu Snorkeling Providers.

Ocean kayaking: This is a very popular sport on Oahu. Guided kayaking tours are available to take you around the island.
Click here for Oahu Kayaking Providers.

Deep sea fishing: With marlin, tuna, swordfish and a host of others, this is one of the world's best places for big game sport fishing.
Click here for Oahu Fishing Tour Providers.

Sailing: Spend a day on the ocean or take a two-hour sunset sail. Perhaps you'd like to learn to sail yourself.
Click here for Oahu Sailing/Yacht Providers.

Parasailing: If you can you see yourself in a parachute which is being pulled by a speeding boat, go for it! It's a real adventure!
Click here for Oahu Parasailing Providers.

Boat tours: Many tours are available throughout the day and evening on many different types boats.
Click here for Oahu Boat Tour Providers.

Submarine diving: Get up close and personal with tropical fish -- dive down 80 feet to 100 feet in air-conditioned comfort!
Click here for Oahu Submarine Providers.

Whale watching: Charter boats will take you to watch migrating humpback whales, Hawaii's gentle giants.
Click here for Oahu Whale Watching Tour Providers.

Better Safe Than Sorry: Some Water Safety Tips

The waters around Oahu have an undeniable allure. However, everyone who plays in and around the ocean and rivers needs to realize that there are dangers, some obvious, others not so obvious. So along with your sunscreen, pay attention to and follow these tips, for a trouble-free time on the beach.

  • Never swim alone. Always stay with children: flotation devices do not substitute for real swimming ability.
  • Check for and obey warning signs posted before you enter the water.
  • Check with lifeguard (there are only a few on Oahu) on beach and surf conditions. If there are no lifeguards around, ask any residents in the area about rip currents, Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish, or other dangers.
  • Locate the lifeguard station, emergency phone or rescue surfboard when you arrive at a beach.
  • Don't swim in shorebreaks
  • Don't dive into water of unknown depth or into shallow breaking surf.
  • Never turn your back on the ocean until you're well above high tide line.
  • Be careful at beaches with high surf. Riptides are most common in these conditions. If caught in one, don't fight the current. Wait until it subsides, then swim to shore. Don't panic and exhaust yourself by fighting it.
  • Check with the National Weather Service for surf advisories. 808-245-3564.