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Where to Use the Best Places Hawaii Discount Card

"At participating Affiliates..."

ALL of our licensed Affiliate companies listed at Best Places Hawaii are automatically enrolled in the Best Places Hawaii Discount Card program. The program is voluntary and any Affiliate may elect to participate or not participate at any time.

The best thing to do is simply ask, when you book: "What's your Best Places Hawaii Discount Card Special?"

Latest Specials
You can find up to the last 4 months of published Specials here: Latest Specials.

Listings Specials
You can also find Specials on any listing on Best Places Hawaii that has this pink-red "Specials" emblem:

We have compiled the Listings Specials here: Listings Specials.

We hope you find everything you like and like everything you find.

Have a great time! Feel free to return to the Best Places Hawaii Discount Card signup page.